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5 Things Your Coaching Website Needs To Be Successful!

If you are a coach or therapist who is just starting to create their online presence it can be difficult to decide what to include on your website. You may spend a ton of time researching and looking at other coach's sites trying to decide what works. In this post I will discuss 5 Must Haves for your coaching or therapy website!

Pictures of YOU!

You need to include photos of yourself! This will help potential clients feel a sense of connection and comfort. People want to see who they will be working with. If you can afford to do so, get some professional photos done. If professional images are out of your budget right now, you can have a friend or family member take photos and you can edit them yourself. You'll also want to include nice stock photos throughout your website. You can get free stock photos from Unsplash.

A Tagline About Your Specialty

Every website needs a tagline that draws the client in and briefly explains the services being offered. As a coach or therapist the tagline is especially important. You want to use your tagline to showcase your specialty. Let potential clients know what you have to offer and what your expertise is. A good tagline engages potential clients and encourages them to look at your services.

How You Are Going To Help Your Clients

You need to clearly explain to potential clients how you will help them and why they should choose you over a different coach. The key here is make your content about the client and how you will serve them. This does not mean focus on yourself and use a ton of "I statements". Think about what your client needs and speak to them directly.

Build Connection And Authority

Use your about me section to tell your story and about your journey in an empathetic and engaging way. This will help potential clients feel connected to you. It will also build a sense of authority and leads potential clients to feel that they can trust you. Offering free consultations is another great way to build connection and trust with clients.

A Clear Offer

Your services and offer should be stated clearly throughout out your website. This is especially important on your services page. Think about what your potential clients will need to know in order to feel confident buying your service and be sure to include that information. Consider adding a FAQs section or page to help potential clients better understand your services. Most people are not going to reach out to ask questions unless they are really interested in your services. You risk losing potential clients when you do not have a clear and precise offer on your website. Be sure to include specific Call To Actions as well. A Call To Action lets potential clients know exactly how to purchase or sign up for your services.

5 things a successful coaching website needs


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