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How to legally protect your website

Updated: Jul 21

Did you know that your website can be a liability to your business if you aren't legally protected? I know that sounds scary but take a deep breath and let's discuss how you can quickly and affordably protect your website and business. In this post I am going to be recommending The Contract Shop because I have had great experiences with them but there are other options on the market, including some free options.

So how can you make sure your website and business are protected?

  1. By having a privacy policy. Your website should include a privacy policy that covers international privacy and data laws (know as GDPR). If you do not have this you could be breaking the law and making yourself vulnerable to liability issues.

  2. You need a terms & conditions policy. This policy explains the rules of engagement for your website and how people can interact with and/or share your content. This will protect you if someone shares or uses your content in a way that you do not approve of.

  3. Your policies need to be specific to your industry and services or products that you provide. For example a blogger will need a slightly different policy than someone selling digital products. The Contract Shop provides contracts specific to various industries so you know you are properly protected.

Protecting your website can be easy with the right resources. I recommend The Contract Shop because they provide legal templates based on specific industries and they provide instruction on how to customize and use their templates. You can find free templates online but in my experience it has been hard to find free templates that can be customized and that fit specific industry needs. I hope this blog was helpful and that you take the steps to protect your website!

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