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Why I LOVE Honeybook

Updated: Jul 21

When I first launched my web design business I went on the search for a CRM that I felt would fit my business needs and my budget. I was overwhelmed with all the options on the market and all the opinions about which CRM is the best. After tons of research and a few free trials I landed on Honeybook and I am so glad I did! Below are the top five reasons why I am happy with my choice.


When you are first starting a business you don't have a large budget. I love how affordable Honeybook is while still being packed full of features. Honeybook is an all-in-one solution that will save you time and money while impressing your clients.

Client Experience

This was super important to me. I wanted to make sure that my client's experience went smoothly and that they didn't have to learn a new platform in order to work with me. I have had nothing but positive feedback from client's regarding their experiences of receiving proposals and invoices through Honeybook. The proposal, contracts, invoice, communication, and payment process through Honeybook is easy for the client and myself.


I love that Honeybook provides templates and allows you to create your own templates for proposals, invoice, contracts, emails, etc. They also allow you to get creative with the design by adding your branding which is important.


I'm going to be honest... my organization skills are not the best. However as a business owner it is crucial that I stay organized and Honeybook helps me to do that with their work flow system.


Honeybook is able to be integrated into your website, allowing you to have an on-brand client portal that client's can easily access through a link on your website.

If you are interested in Honeybook for your business use my referral link below to receive 20% for your first year!


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